Interactive Map

Mapping Opportunity in Northern Virginia

Using the interactive map:

  • Select one or more of the factors from the list below to view on the map.

  • Click on an area of the map to see data for that location (data will display in the chart).

  • Click the “Toggle” button to cycle through maps of other factors highlighted on the chart.

Note: White areas on the map indicate tracts for which there was not available data or population counts were insufficient to calculate reliable numbers.

NEW! This map now includes a new indicator, the Healthy Places Index (HPI) score. The HPI measures the health of a census tract on a scale of 0-100; high numbers represent the best conditions.

The Uneven Opportunity Landscape in Northern Virginia


Read the NVHF-commissioned report Getting Ahead: The Uneven Opportunity Landscape in Northern Virginia to get a better understanding of the implications of these data and to explore recommendations for charting a healthier, stronger region for all.

*Select variable definitions:

  • Severe housing cost burdened: Percentage of households spending more than 50% of annual income on housing.

  • Diversity: Likelihood of encountering someone of any other race within the designated area. Values less than 20 represent areas with little diversity.

  • Racial segregation (Theil Index): Measure of how evenly distributed all racial/ethnic groups are compared to the region, where 0 represents an even distribution of races and 1 represents complete segregation. Values over 0.4 indicate a high level of segregation.