Oral Health

The Virginia Oral Health Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals from throughout the Commonwealth who work through advocacy, education and innovative new programs to bring excellent oral health to all Virginians.  The website contains information about the Virginia Oral Health Plan, the General Assembly, implications of health reform on oral health care, and also links to research and other information about oral health:

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research website is a source of information about oral health research, federal funding opportunities, and educational publications about oral health that may be useful to providers:

The Children’s Dental Health Project advocates on behalf of pediatric oral health.  Its website contains information about children’s oral health programs, research, and advocacy initiatives:

The Institute of Medicine’s website contains issues scientific and policy reports on a variety of topics, including oral health.  It recently released a report, Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations. This report and others on dental health can be accessed at

The Pew Center on the States issues an annual report on the status of children’s oral health.  The report is part of a children’s dental health initiative Pew is spearheading.  The report and information about what other communities are doing to improve children’s oral health can be found at


Childhood Obesity

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is investing resources in making policy and environmental changes to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity.  Its website contains information about funding and research and a “news digest” with links to articles and blogs on obesity prevention from across the country:

The Institute of Medicine’s website contains issues scientific and policy reports on a variety of topics, including childhood obesity.  It recently released a report on early childhood obesity prevention policies.  You can access this report on other publications from its website,

The Northern Virginia Healthy Kids Coalition issues an online newsletter about local and national efforts to reduce childhood obesity.  To subscribe and become a part of the coalition’s work, click on:

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, established by the Virginia General Assembly to focus on reducing and preventing youth tobacco use and childhood obesity, funds anti-obesity efforts across the state and organizes an annual statewide conference on childhood obesity.  Its website contains information about research and funding:

"Building an Obesity Movement through Policy and Environmental Change in Alexandria, Virginia" National Association of County and City Health Officers 


Health & Wellness Directory

The Northern Virginia Health and Wellness Directory is now available online.

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You may also download a PDF of the 2012 update of the printed directory.