Mapping Life Expectancy in Northern Virginia

Mapping Life Expectancy in Northern Virginia

07 JUN 2016

Northern Virginia is among the healthiest places in the United States. But the health of residents in the region is not uniform.

To help illustrate the differences, the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health mapped life expectancy across Northern Virginia. Use the interactive map below to see a snapshot of health for your jurisdiction. To navigate the map, click on any shaded area or use the search function to enter an address, city or location in Northern Virginia.

If you use the search function: Be sure to enter “VA” to the end of your search location (e.g. Lorton, VA; Great Falls, VA; or 1940 Duke Street Alexandria, VA).

Note about zeroes in data: 0 = Life expectancy could not be computed due to insufficient data.

Report: Why Life Expectancy Varies in Northern Virginia

Neighborhoods in Northern Virginia, some only minutes apart, see widely different health outcomes and life expectancies. In this new report, the Northern Virginia Health Foundation and the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health examine the factors contributing to health in the region. Researchers found:

  • Health across Northern Virginia is not uniform. Life expectancy at birth—the number of years an average newborn can expect to live—varies by as many as 13 years across Northern Virginia.
  • Differences in life expectancy and health between neighborhoods in Northern Virginia are linked to a mix of factors, including race, education,  income, and neighborhood conditions—such as unsafe housing, proximity to transportation, and access to healthy foods.
  • Immigrant communities in Northern Virginia face greater economic challenges and poorer health and wellbeing, sometimes only blocks away from more established, affluent neighborhoods.

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Ways to Use This Data

  • Share the report and the map showing disparities in life expectancy in your jurisdiction with health and non-health leaders who care about improving the health of Northern Virginia residents. These could include business, civic, and faith-based leaders; those who work in the areas of housing, transportation, education, immigration, food assistance, community development; and government officials.
  • Help others in your organization better understand the health differences in your jurisdiction. Use information from the map and the report to help you explain the problem, its implications, and what recommendations the report offers for taking action.
  • Use social media (Twitter or Facebook) to share an example of an intervention or current effort that’s helping reduce health gaps in your community. Tag the post with the relevant hashtags (e.g. #closehealthgaps, #NOVAhealth, #healthequity).