Health & Wellness Directory

The Northern Virginia Health Foundation developed the Northern Virginia Health and Wellness Directory as a resource for all who share our vision of a community with the capacity to be and stay healthy.

To view the online directory, choose a program category from the right-hand menu. Please note that some programs are cross-listed under multiple categories.

You may also download a PDF of the directory.


About the Directory

In times of great economic uncertainty and demographic change, Northern Virginia is under tremendous pressure to offer the most efficient and accessible health and wellness programs. We hope this directory facilitates and supports strategic partnerships and key alliances among these and other groups.

The Foundation invited nonprofit organizations and government agencies that offer health and wellness programs in Northern Virginia to submit information for inclusion in this directory. Our goal was to identify community-based programs that work with individuals and groups in one or more of the following ways:

  • Adopting healthy behaviors and/or reducing health risks
  • Increasing self-care skills
  • Improving management of common ailments
  • Using health care services more effectively and/or improving understanding medical procedures and therapeutic regimens

The directory only includes programs serving Northern Virginia, operating under the auspices of a nonprofit or government agency and open to the public. The directory does not include commercial enterprises or health care treatment programs.