Voices From the Field

Working to End Food Hardship in Alexandria

Suzanne Chis, Deputy Director for the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services, discusses recommendations from a new report on alleviating food access issues, and how the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services and others can work together to improve Alexandria's health food system.

Navigating Toward Increased Oral Health Coverage: It Takes A Village

As executive director of the Virginia Oral Health Coalition, Sarah Bedard Holland often hears complaints about how there is ‘no dental’ in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But as Sarah explains, individuals and families can purchase dental coverage on Virginia’s insurance exchange set to launch on October 1st. This is a big opportunity to educate consumers about the importance of oral health and how utilizing a dental benefit can improve health and save money. Given the complexity of the ACA and the lack of awareness about oral health and overall health, Sarah points out that, “This is a yeoman’s job, and like most things, will take a village."